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Our Approach

Our goal is to align your assets with your aspirations.  Alignment means putting things in their proper place.  The proper place for your assets is determined by your objectives, goals, and the economic environments you will need to navigate.  If things are properly aligned there is no limit to the possibilities for your options during retirement.  

Our approach of alignment is inspired by the story of Wilma Rudolph.  When my mother, Delois Jackson Wilkinson, was a young physical therapist just out of Northwestern University, she set up the Physical Therapy Department at Meharry Medical College.  This was the first time the Black Community had access to this kind of care.  Wilma's mother heard of this new development and brought her then polio-stricken nine year old daughter to see my mom.  My mom ensured her mother that her daughter would walk again.  She proceeded to rehabilitate Wilma and teach her family how to help her to strengthen and align her body.  Wilma was different.  She did not want to just walk but had a goal not only to walk but to run.  This aspiration took her to a Bronze Medal in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia  and three Gold Medals and world records in the1960 Olympic Games in Rome, Italy.  

Thus, when things are in their proper place and aligned with higher purpose there is nothing that can't be accomplished.  In personal finance this in not only true for an outstanding retirement; but also for multigenerational wealth growth for your family.  

"My doctor told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother."  Wilma Rudolph