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Our Clients

Executives, Business Owners, Retirees

We focus on the needs of Executives, Business Owners, and Retirees.  We understand the unique needs, concerns, and life challenges of our clients enabling us to assist them with their life and financial journeys;


  • Increasing business benefits, expansion of who is covered
  • Changing company retirement plans 401k, 
  • Business' source of funding (SBA, personal funds, equity, pay as you go - for IC typically), debt
  • Legal structures/Attorneys (LLC vs S- or C-Corp, IC), exposure
  • Maximizing value in anticipation of transfer
  • Establishing a successor, family, non-family
  • Planning for succession
  • Need for a team of business specialist, broker
  • Tax complexity


  • Legal, estate, tax structures
  • Level of control from the grave
  • Meaningful charitable gifting, CRTs, GRTs
  • Family dynamic
  • Health, elder care, longevity
  • 2nd Act
  • Final legacy - family, wealth, community, spirituality
  • College funding, 529 plans
  • Insurance needs including health, elder, and long-term care
  • Maximizing contributions to retirement accounts
  • Maximizing company stock options, deferred comp., other benefits
  • Managing non-retirement assets and investments
  • Management or sale of rental property
  • Disposition of assets

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